Old West Investment Management

Welcome to Old West Investment Management

Old West Management, LLC was founded based on the values embodied in the Code of the West. Simply, we are committed to treating our investors as we ourselves would like to be treated. Aside from being the right thing to do, we believe that attracting a dedicated investor base provides a competitive advantage for us to enact our disciplined, long term, and often contrarian investment process.

Our focus is on investing in businesses run by management teams with large stock ownership, smart pay, and track records of successfully compounding shareholder value.  Further, we seek to buy into such businesses at discounted prices that offer us an attractive forward return with limited risk of capital loss.

To begin, we are always willing to discuss our current holdings and the research process behind them.  Just as we focus on investing with management teams who are heavily invested in their own companies, we want investors who expect the same of us.

Investment Strategies

Old West manages several strategies based upon the companies that we uncover through our simple yet sound investment process: large cap, small/mid cap, focused, long/short absolute return, and income.  These multiple investment strategies inform one another and create a process that is greater than the sum of its parts.  Further, they allow our investors to have access to our underlying research process with different portfolio risk/return dynamics.